Zipper Pouch w/ Scallop trim

Zipper pouches are always something I need.  My organization system pretty much consists of ziploc bags and post-its, so zipper pouches are kind of like fancy reusable ziploc bags.  Sometimes I purchase makeup sets because of the free makeup pouch (clinique bonus time, anyone??).  I use them to store everything. Every. Single. Thing. Crochet needles! Instruction manuals! Sticker collection! Charger cables! Manicure kit! Etcetera!  Can compartmentalizing things into bags be considered a passion?? As long as its not compartmentalizing your life. Uhhhh.. Sorry, that took a weird turn. 

My point is, I made this zipper pouch with plans on making more and more and more of them in the future, because I just can't get enough.  It is a great way of getting rid of your scrap fabric.  I like the combo of the neutral taupe/purple fabric with the pop of orange color used for the inner lining.  I found the scallop trim at Target at the dollar spot area and it was marked down even more, so I had to get it.  I'm glad I finally got to use it for something.

Next time I am going to try different shapes with the same fabric, so its like having my very own line of fancy ziploc bags.


Doggie Bowties

Not exactly an original craft idea, but necessary and cute. The past bowties that I've made for Mochi were finished by hand, but I decided to finish this one off using a hot glue gun (used a sewing machine to finish the individual parts, but used hot glue to attach the elastic loop on the back.)  Omg, this was way easier.  Sometimes I wish he was a girl so I can dress him up, but these bowties will suffice.

He celebrated his 6th birthday last week:

Mochi wore this orange bowtie for good luck throughout the NLCS and the World Series games.  I'm kinda superstitious (I've been wearing orange nail polish since September 29.) so I never took it off him until the very end:

He wore it when the Giants won the whole thing in 2012, too.  So I will keep this for 2016, just in case. ;-)


Halloween Mary Poppins Costume

I was Mary Poppins this year for Halloween.  Pretty much because I wanted to use stuff that I already had in my closet.  The crazy ruffle puffy shirt was given to me years ago from my auntie.  It's a pretty ridiculous shirt. I question her style choices.  I knew I would never wear it unless it was part of a Halloween costume.  I think I'm just going to call it The Halloween Shirt.  Captain Hook?  Prince? Seinfeld? The possibilities are endless, I'm sure.

The only things I had to DIY for this costume, was the bowtie (I just used an old gift ribbon and attached it to a pin backing) and a ridiculously small hat that I attached to a headband. I guess that is considered a fascinator.  I used stiff black felt to make the hat, which was constructed out of three pieces: a big oval piece of felt (bottom brim), a smaller oval piece of felt (top), and a long rectangle piece of felt (to form a cylinder), in which the length is equal to the circumference of the smaller oval.  Then I stitched the top part to the cylinder part of the hat , and then hot glued that part to the base of the hat. I had the felt in my craft supply already, so the only thing I bought were the fake flowers/holly.  Mary Poppins' hat has daisies on it, but I just decided to use whatever white flowers that came with the fake holly I bought.  It's holly, right?  For some reason I kept thinking they were cranberries.

Anyways, with a Michael's coupon used on the fake flowers, my Halloween costume cost a total of $0.70.  Good job, me!

BTW, the Giants won the World Series and I didn't work on my vasarely blanket while watching the game like I imagined I'd do.  But they still won.  So awesome.