Vasarely Blanket (ongoing project) update #5 (sort of)

Hey dudes.  Totally have been terrible with this blanket as far as progress goes.  I wanted to post an update in hopes that maybe, just maybe,  it will push me to work on it more frequently..  I have been cranking out more diamonds, about 2 1/2 skeins-worth.  But currently do not have the diamond count right now.  Once I finish this current skein, I think I will start constructing the damn thing.  My goal is to be finished with more than half of it before it gets too hot.  There's nothing worse than crocheting big things during the summer.  It just feels uncomfortable.  Weird, but true.  okbyesorry


Fleece Blanket (for my dog)

I wanted to make my dog a fleece blanket since he always tries to sneak up onto my bed (and I let him).  I pretty much bought whatever fleece was on sale in the remnant section at the fabric store.  I doubled the fabric so the blanket would be warm.

So I cut the fabric pieces in half, so that I can make it a good-sized blanket (if i didn't I would be left with a super long blanket, but very narrow).  I then sewed the different colored halves together to form each layer, so that the finished product will look half neon green/ half red. 

 I've tried the "no-sew" blanket once before, but to be honest, cutting all the strips around the perimeter and tying them together was such a pain.  Sewing it is way more easier (that is, if you have a sewing machine and can stitch a straight line.)

And now, my spoiled dog has his own area of my bed.  Caaayuuuuute!


Floral Eyeglasses Pouch

Ahh! So it's official. I have to get glasses.  I finally bit the bullet and scheduled an eye exam.  The doctor gave me a prescription.  Ordered some frames at Warby Parker.  My prescription isn't even that strong, I just need them for driving and reading things from far distances.  And for crocheting while netflix-ing.  You know, important things.

So I figured since I need glasses, I should use these spring frames that I bought at Daiso a few months back.  I may have been kinda drunk while buying them, but hey, who isn't?  I love Daiso.  If you do not know what a Daiso is, it is basically an azn 99-cents store except everything is $1.50, which is still pretty cheap.  I always get hi-chew and cute stationary stuff there (multi-color pens and post-its shaped like animals) and you can always find something you apparently didn't know you needed.  If I had closer access to that place, I would go there every week if I could.

Anyways, I found these spring frames in Daiso's craft section.  I thought it was a good idea at the time to buy them but I never got around to making anything with them until now.  I based the measurements off of an eyeglass case I've already had and used fabric I had laying around (black floral, with an orange lining).  I also used some leftover felt inside the lining to thicken the case and make it more sturdy.  I think it came out pretty well, but since the spring frames came in a 2-pack, I already know what I would change when I make the second case.  I want to try and find a fabric that has eyeglasses on it.  If not, I saw this fabric at Joann's the other day that had oreo cookies on it.  But fake oreo cookies, because maybe Nabisco made licensed oreo cookie fabric?  That makes me think of my copyright story that I wanted to blog about, but that will be another post. ;-)


Simple Photo Magnet

Do people even get photos processed/printed anymore?  Everything is all digital nowadays, but I really wanted to print this photo out.  It was taken at an event where everyone was able to come and support the kids, and knowing that, I felt the need to have a hard copy of the moment.  I wanted to personalize it, so I used my limited photoshop skills to label and make them wallet-sized so that 8 wallets (4x3) can fit on an 8x12 print.  2-8x12 prints aka 16 wallet-sized photos were just under $3.50 at Costco.  I then bought plastic photo sleeves, trimmed the ends and used double stick tape to stick magnetic strips I had lying around to the back.  I mailed them out w/ thank you cards.  I like that it forces them to look at their beautiful flag family every time they go to their fridge or any other magnetic surface.


Planners and a DIY Pen Holder

This is barely a "project" to blog about, but I'm sure other people have had the same frustration as me of having a notebook-type planner with no pen holder available.  So I made one and its great.  Plus, I feel like I need to talk about planners, because I've been starting to use them again and I wanna talk about it like a nerd.

I'm kind of old school, in the sense that I need to write things down with pen and paper, rather than typing it into my phone or into a Google calendar.  I've tried using to-do lists on my phone (there's an app for that!), but it's not as satisfying as writing a to-do list out on a notepad, and then crossing out the item on the list when its done.  I love making lists!  I also really like my own handwriting.  Is that a weird brag?  It's not even a humble brag, its just a weird brag.  Its not like I can "show off" my handwriting.  What am I gonna do, post it on instagram?  Yeah. It's a weird brag.  My handwriting isn't perfect, it can be messy or neat depending on the urgency of writing something down.  Hand writing in general is just familiar and personal to me, and I love that. I feel like I'm the only person my age that I know that prefers cursive over print.  Do kids these days even learn cursive?  Wait, what was I talking about again?

My planner/organization style is heavily dependent on three things: post-its, colored pens and highlighters.  I am at a loss without this holy trinity of organization.  But yeah, post-its are the best.  I use that stuff for everything, in all different sizes.  The only kind I dislike are the neon pink colored ones because it hurts my eyes.  If I was a famous person, I would totally use my celebrity status to promote post-its in hopes that I can get a lifetime supply of post-its.  If I was one of the "stars" in a Bravo TV Real Housewives series, my tagline that shows in the opening credits would be "I'm gonna need a bigger post-it."  Actually it wouldn't, since that's kinda lame and I would want my tagline to be more sassy!  But I say that quote from time to time at work, even though I'm the only one who still laughs at it.

Last year, my planner of choice was this old Esprit planner.  Does Esprit still exist? It was the 6-ring binder style kind, personal-sized.  I liked the size of it, it had a week on one page, which was perfect since I don't need that much writing space and I would just stick post-it notes on it anyways.  I ran out of planner paper though, and the binder is kind of falling apart, so I decided to try something new this year.  I found a "leather"-bound planner at Marshall's for only $5!  The layout is a week on two pages, which is kind of too much space for me, but it was $5 so whatever.  It's slim, which I like since my old planner was bulky.  My biggest gripe is that the monthly calendars start the week off on a Monday, when I am used to calendars starting on a Sunday.  You would think that it wouldn't be such a big deal, but I've been writing stuff down in the wrong box.  It throws me off, but I deal you guys.

The other gripe I had about this planner is that it doesn't have a loop to hold your pen.  What good is a planner if you forget a pen to write stuff in it?  So I made one with a piece of elastic that I sized around my favorite pen.  If you size it around your smallest-sized pen that you use, it'll accommodate all your pens since its stretchy (duh.)  I just stitched across the elastic to form a loop, cut the excess elastic off, and attached it to the inside of the back cover with a hot glue gun.  Problem solved!


Vasarely Blanket (ongoing project) update #4

Ah crap.  So the last time I posted an update on this blanket, I was slacking.  Since then, I've still been slacking. I've picked it up recently though.  I've come to realize that crocheting while listening to podcasts are a perfect match.  Netflix is a close second, but like I've stated before, looking at your work and then looking up really quickly at the television strains my eyes. I'm getting old!

As far as podcasts go,  I'm a fan of the Nerdist interviews where Chris Hardwick talks to celebrities and comedians.  They aren't formal and I always learn the most interesting things.  Plus Chris Hardwick is a total dork and its awesome.  I also kept hearing about those Serial podcasts, so I finally caved in on the hype and started it.  I'm currently on episode 6.  Don't tell me what happens.

Updated Diamond Count: 12 black, 3 white, and 6 grey diamonds done. 74 more diamonds to go!

 I need more ziplocs. Also, it's going to be a b*tch weaving in all those ends. :-O

These project updates are getting pretty repetitive, so I'm probably going to start constructing the blanket soon.  


Zipper Pouch w/ Scallop trim

Zipper pouches are always something that I need.  My organization system pretty much consists of ziploc bags and post-its, so zipper pouches are kind of like fancy reusable ziploc bags.  Sometimes I purchase makeup sets because of the free makeup pouch (clinique bonus time, anyone?).  I use them to store everything. every. single. thing. Crochet needles! Instruction manuals! Sticker collection! Charger cables! Manicure kit! Etcetera!

My point is, I made this zipper pouch with plans on making more and more and more of them in the future, because I just can't get enough.  It is a great way of getting rid of your scrap fabric.  I like the combo of the neutral taupe/purple fabric with the pop of orange color used for the inner lining.  I found the scallop trim at Target at the dollar spot area and it was marked down even more, so I had to get it.  I'm glad I finally got to use it for something.

Next time I am going to try different shapes with the same fabric, so its like having my very own line of fancy ziploc bags.