Vasarely Blanket (ongoing project) update #3

Before you think I've stopped working on this thing, its just been slow.  I've been trying, though.  Luckily, the Giants have been getting it done so far in this post season.  You would think with all the games going on, watching them would be a perfect crocheting time opportunity (one of the games against the Nationals went on for 18 innings!!)  but the weather had been warm, and crocheting during warm weather sucks.  It's a dumb excuse, but it's true, okay?!  It rained today and the weather seems like it has changed dramatically so hopefully I'll crank out more diamonds faster than this past update.  Sorry, self.

Updated Diamond Count: 9 white diamonds. 95 more diamonds to go! No longer in the triple digits.

In ziploc gallon bags. For freshness!


"Cheer' (Flag) Bows - Senior Night

Here are bows I made for my flag kids' Senior Night.  The team is made up of all seniors, so I decided personalized bows would be a good idea. I didn't want to spend a lot of money, so embroidering names onto grosgrain ribbon was a no.  I considered puff paint, but decided that it would be too messy?  Then I had this idea of using alphabet stickers (something that I've already had), sticking them onto glitter ribbon and then using sparkle Mod Podge to seal it on there so it wouldn't peel off.  The kids have a lot of L's and E's in their names, so I had to buy another sticker sheet.  But, here's an awesome tip: Upside-down 7's make good L's. :-D

These are what I ended up with:

Also, I have a massive obsession with sparkle Mod Podge.  I would slather it on everything if I could. 

Shout out to sparkle mod podge.


Vasarely Blanket (ongoing project) update #2

Oh yeaaaah, baby.  I've been consistent with this project.  Actually, it might be too early to say that.  Whatever.  I ran out of my first skeins of each color, so now I can kinda gauge how many diamonds I can make with a skein. The 40% off coupons from Michael's will be put to use.  I love those coupons.

Updated Diamond Count: 3 black, 1 white, and 7 grey diamonds done.  1 skein of the white and black each make 11 diamonds, and the grey makes 8.  104 more diamonds to go!


Vasarely Blanket (ongoing project) update #1

I've been trying to crank out these suckers as much as I can.  I've seem to do the most crocheting while watching television/Netflix that doesn't require subtitles.  Only because when I keep looking at my work and then up at the tv screen and then back to my work again, everything looks fuzzy and my eyes need time to adjust.  Does this mean I need glasses?! Aww.

Anyways, I've been crocheting the most while watching baseball.  So... I sure hope the Giants make the postseason.  It would definitely give me more time to crochet these diamonds.  And also, they just need to make it or I will cry.  Tear-stained crochet diamonds do not sound appealing.

Updated Diamond Count: 6 black and 4 white diamonds done.  115 more diamonds to go!


Vasarely Blanket

I wanted to try and tackle a big crochet/knitting project to begin the fall season.  It's been a while since I've made something big, so I thought the beginning of fall season is the perfect time for this challenge.  It takes forever to finish a project for me, so hopefully I can stay on task.  This pattern for a crocheted blanket has been on my Pinterest board for a while, and I really wanted to make it.

Its inspired by the artist Victor Vasarely and the pattern basically looks like 3D cubes, which I think is a total trip.  It's basically a bunch of diamond patches stitched together.  I like it because its not your typical granny square afghan. It is still the same concept though, and the diamond pattern is easy enough that I'm not constantly referring to pattern instructions.  You increase every row for a little bit, and then decrease every row.  I picked white, grey, and black as my color palette, because I've been into the monochromatic look.  My only complaint is when I'm working with the black yarn, its a little difficult to see the stitches.  But I wanted black, so whatevs.

I'm using Red Heart super saver yarn with a size J hook.  The original pattern called for a dk weight yarn with a smaller hook, but I didn't have that hook, so I figured I'd stitch a sample and adjust pattern from there.

I had to sketch the blanket to determine how many diamonds and half diamonds I needed to make.  You can tell I started with a smaller blanket, but increased it once I figured out the measurements.

So basically, I need to make:

Whole Diamonds: 48 in black, 48 in white, 38 in grey  (134 Total)
Half (lengthwise) Diamonds (in grey): 12
Half (widthwise) Diamonds (in grey): 8

If you include the half diamonds, I have to make 48 diamonds of each color. Heh heh, I'm not scurrred.

So far, I've made 2 black, 6 white, 1 grey.  So... 125 more diamonds (135 if you include the half ones) to go. lol.

I will keep you updated, internet!


Nails of the Day (or Week) : Nude + Gold

I love beige polishes, but liked the idea to add a little shimmer to it.  Freehanded the gold, but used a striper polish so it was pretty easy.

Polish used:
Nude: OPI - Samoan Sand
Gold: L.A Girl - Gold Glitter


"Cheer" (Flag) Bows

As a coach for a high school flag team,  ordering uniforms and equipment is an annual ritual.  If they go to nationals, it can be a biannual ritual.  One of the things I've tried to incorporate my craftiness in would be making the kids their hair bows.  Usually, if we order bows through their uniform vendor, its this basic gold bow that can cost about $6 each.  Six bucks for a basic bow??  I couldn't bear myself to not DIY that.

Bow making is quick and easy.  There are youtube tutorials everywhere.  And if you have the right Michael's coupon, you can make bows for an entire nation.  Okay, that's not true.  But a spool of fancy ribbon with a 50% off coupon can be about $6 and make about 8-9 bows.  8-9 bows!!  I don't even have that many kids on the team.  Plus, the bows will be special because no other team will have it and custom-made bows are baller (for lack of a better term).  So yeah, $6 for some basic metallic bow or $6 for baller bows for a small nation?  The latter for sure!

The kids go to Nationals every year in Anaheim to compete, and so I wanted to make something super duper sparkly to go with their performance wear.  Obviously, it needed to be gold and even more obviously it needed to have glitter.  The first year, I chose this gold glitter ribbon, with bigger, hexagonal holographic glitter embedded in so it'll looks super sparkly in the right light at the right angle.  The width of the ribbon was about 1.5, which wasn't as big as I wanted it to be, so I layered it with a white satin, to get that contrast in there and make it look bigger.  They turned out awesome.

The second year, I was contemplating making the same kind of bows.  But, during the Christmas season I saw this ridiculous gold sequin ribbon that I couldn't deny. (Imagine myself denying the ribbon. lol.)  And, it was about 2 inches wide so it didn't need another layer of white.  They turned out great:

We had one boy on the team, so he didn't need to have a bow.  At the end of the season I made him a bowtie just for fun.

Both ribbons I used were wired since they are originally made for gift wrapping, but because its a flag team, I don't think its a big deal.  Cheer might be a different story, since there's a safety issue with all the tumbling and the stunting happening, but I don't know what the rules are for that.

Materials used:  ribbon (about 30 inches per bow), mini cable ties, ponytail holders that match hair
Tools: scissors, glue gun, cardboard about 7inches wide to use as a template