Gilmore Girls-themed Bachelorette

For my best friend's bachelorette, we headed to NOLA for the weekend.  It was such an amazing trip.  NOLA is definitely a place I would revisit, just for the fried chicken alone.

Anyways, the bride to be is a huge Gilmore Girls fan, so she requested a Gilmore Girls theme for her bach.  Challenge. Accepted.

At first I thought incorporating Gilmore Girls into a raunchy bachelorette weekend in New Orleans would be weird, since there didn't seem to be an obvious connection between GG and NOLA (EXCEPT ZYDECO). But I realized I was just overthinking it.  Not everything has to blend together theme-wise in a bachelorette party.  A bachelorette party is just a regular party but with an inflatable penis added to the mix (and in this case, penis straws and penis candles (also, I can't believe I just said penis on my blog)).  

Whenever I searched Pinterest for Gilmore Girls bachelorette parties, there wasn't that much content specifically for a bach, but just for regular viewing parties.  So to be honest, I'm posting this on here and adding it to Pinterest to fill that Gilmore Girls-themed bachelorette void.  To keep with the theme, but make it personalized for the bride,  I made Team Dean/Logan/JESS buttons, but photoshopped her face onto the pins.  Not enough Team Jess fans like me in our party tbh, but its okay.

We also wanted souvenir shirts for the occasion.  If you search bachelorette party shirts online there would be cute ones that say "Bride Tribe" or even NOLA themed ones like "Bourbon Bach " or whatnot.  All of those are cute and all, but me being me needed something more personalized, and something that went with the theme.  So I designed Kirk shirts!  But instead of "Babette Ate Oatmeal",  I made it refer to the bride saying YAAAS.  (If you are wondering what font Kirk uses for his shirts and his films, its Arial.)

Here is the Kirk shirt reference.  Is he underrated? I think so.  I think he hustles hard but still manages to be an idiot and like that about him. lol.  Anyways, I love Stars Hollow.

I loved them so much.  I used uberprints.com since I've always used them during my coaching days and had no problem with them.  My only con about the shirts would be the fabric wasn't as soft as I wanted them to be compared to the shirts I ordered from them before.  I also had an issue with one shirt having the design smudged, but customer service was great and they sent me a replacement shirt.  Delivery was really fast for custom shirts, especially when you order digital screenprinting.

As far as other Gilmore Girls theme bach ideas, we decorated the airbnb with Luke's diner images (you can print out the "No Cell Phones" sign online for free).  And the first night in NOLA was spent ordering hella takeout and watching all the wedding/bach-themed Gilmore Girls episodes (the airbnb we stayed in had Netflix!)  Always over-order food, that is the Gilmore way.  Also, its a really good idea for bachelorette weekends anyway because leftovers are a great late night snack.

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