And two weeks later...

 I am starting off this blog terribly.  I haven't really picked up a project to start.  I have all these ideas in my head, jumbled and ready to go, but I keep pushing it aside.

So yeah.  I'm so sorry, craft blog.

I will try to craft something soon because this is pathetic.


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I haven't blogged in forever, but was recently inspired to start up something just to keep track of my crafting projects rather than mixing it up with random posts on my tumblr and instagram.  I can't find anything on there.  This blog will be strictly for crafting, and just for me to track my creativity and hopefully inspire more creativity and thus begin my upward spiral (is this a thing?) of creative awesomeness.  :::pumps fist in the air:::  I'm making it for me, but if you happen to read it its okay,  I'm not selfish.  Maybe I'll finish a project rather than leaving it midway.  Maybe I'll finish that afghan within a year.  Hey, maybe I'll finally get around to making those curtains for the kitchen.  Maybe I'll finally figure out how to make a well-crafted pep flag.  Maybe.  Time will only tell.  Let's step up my crafting game, shall we? 1-2-3 GO!
(If I don't blog within two weeks after I make this post, I'm so sorry.)