Vasarely Blanket (ongoing project) update #4

Ah crap.  So the last time I posted an update on this blanket, I was slacking.  Since then, I've still been slacking. I've picked it up recently though.  I've come to realize that crocheting while listening to podcasts are a perfect match.  Netflix is a close second, but like I've stated before, looking at your work and then looking up really quickly at the television strains my eyes. I'm getting old!

As far as podcasts go,  I'm a fan of the Nerdist interviews where Chris Hardwick talks to celebrities and comedians.  They aren't formal and I always learn the most interesting things.  Plus Chris Hardwick is a total dork and its awesome.  I also kept hearing about those Serial podcasts, so I finally caved in on the hype and started it.  I'm currently on episode 6.  Don't tell me what happens.

Updated Diamond Count: 12 black, 3 white, and 6 grey diamonds done. 74 more diamonds to go!

 I need more ziplocs. Also, it's going to be a b*tch weaving in all those ends. :-O

These project updates are getting pretty repetitive, so I'm probably going to start constructing the blanket soon.