Vasarely Blanket (ongoing project) update #3

Before you think I've stopped working on this thing, its just been slow.  I've been trying, though.  Luckily, the Giants have been getting it done so far in this post season.  You would think with all the games going on, watching them would be a perfect crocheting time opportunity (one of the games against the Nationals went on for 18 innings!!)  but the weather had been warm, and crocheting during warm weather sucks.  It's a dumb excuse, but it's true, okay?!  It rained today and the weather seems like it has changed dramatically so hopefully I'll crank out more diamonds faster than this past update.  Sorry, self.

Updated Diamond Count: 9 white diamonds. 95 more diamonds to go! No longer in the triple digits.

In ziploc gallon bags. For freshness!


"Cheer' (Flag) Bows - Senior Night

Here are bows I made for my flag kids' Senior Night.  The team is made up of all seniors, so I decided personalized bows would be a good idea. I didn't want to spend a lot of money, so embroidering names onto grosgrain ribbon was a no.  I considered puff paint, but decided that it would be too messy and time consuming.  Then I had this idea of using alphabet stickers (something that I've already had), sticking them onto glitter ribbon and then using sparkle Mod Podge to seal it on there so it wouldn't peel off.  The kids have a lot of L's and E's in their names, so I had to buy another sticker sheet.  But, here's an awesome tip: Upside-down 7's make good L's. :-D

These are what I ended up with:

Also, I have a massive obsession with sparkle Mod Podge.  I would slather it on everything if I could. 

Shout out to sparkle mod podge.  You're awesome.