Fleece Blanket (for my dog)

I wanted to make my dog a fleece blanket since he always tries to sneak up onto my bed (and I let him).  I pretty much bought whatever fleece was on sale in the remnant section at the fabric store.  I doubled the fabric so the blanket would be warm.

So I cut the fabric pieces in half, so that I can make it a good-sized blanket (if i didn't I would be left with a super long blanket, but very narrow).  I then sewed the different colored halves together to form each layer, so that the finished product will look half neon green/ half red. 

 I've tried the "no-sew" blanket once before, but to be honest, cutting all the strips around the perimeter and tying them together was such a pain.  Sewing it is way more easier (that is, if you have a sewing machine and can stitch a straight line.)

And now, my spoiled dog has his own area of my bed.  Caaayuuuuute!