Dress Pattern - Butterick 5982 (ongoing project) updated #2

Constructing the Bodice

After finally cutting out the pieces,  the next step was to start piecing them together the bodice, as well as creating darts.

Darts! What are darts?  Watch 5 hundred youtube videos on how to sew a dart and you're set!

I'm not quite sure if these darts will suit me best, but I'm just going to follow the pattern and worry about it later.  Besides the darts, everything else seemed pretty easy peasy.  I just had to repeat my steps for the lining.  Then, sew the lining to the fabric right sides together, and turn it right side out.

Putting lining in a dress is twice the work, but its looking more and more like a real dress, you guys.

Other Sewing Things That I Learned While Making this Bodice:

- Staystitching
- Understitching (I didn't know there was so much extra stitching involved in making a dress!)
- Also, as someone with no boobs, I don't need no freaking darts.  I mean, I do but not as much.  And for that I am thankful.  (less work!)