Bachelorette Letter Banner and Tassle Garland

This is the year of weddings apparently, so I've been taking them as an opportunity to create some fun stuff for my friends.  I recently went to Cabo for a bachelorette trip and decorated our lovely (gorgeous, really) airbnb.  Used mint and white tissue paper for the tassles, and made the letters by tracing letter cutouts (that I bought for the intended purpose of making letter banners) onto some cardstock that I had laying around (I have a lot of craft stuff laying around!).  Made the the letter banner and measured and cut the tissue paper the night before. Having a rotary cutter made everything easier and I am definitely addicted to making fringe now.  I placed the prepped tissue paper in a ziplock bag and created the tassles at the airport gate.  You can craft anywhere, you guys!

I loved our airbnb!!

A lot of my upcoming crafts are wedding related, which will probably be helpful for the Pinterest people out there.  My current crafting interest which I am actually putting off though is sewing a dress from a pattern.  I've bought the patterns but haven't bought the fabric yet.  It's kind of daunting, so I'm procrastinating but hopefully I find a fabric that will inspire me to start the project.  I really want to work on my sewing skills, and I think this would be good challenge.