Doggie Collar + Matching Bowtie

Fall is my favorite time to craft because this season is pretty much about being cozy and comfortable and there's nothing more comfy than being knee deep in a project at home.  Unfortunately this weather that we are experiencing has not passed its summer phase this year and its really annoying.  I am still waiting for the moment I can wear my boots and scarves without sweating my ass off by the time noon comes around.  Seriously, when??  I've been attempting to continue working on the Vasarely blanket that I started eons ago but it is way too warm to work with all that yarn. :-(

With that said, I made something a little less warm.  I had this idea that I should make my dog some collars in theme with the season/occasion/etc.  So I wanted to start with one for fall.  I really wanted to make one with turkeys on it (because I LOVE THANKSGIVING), but couldn't find fabric or ribbon with a small enough print to fit on a 3/4" wide nylon webbing.  I've seen cute printed collars being sold on etsy for $10-30 depending on the materials used, so the fact that I can make them myself kicks ass.  The materials that I purchased for this product didn't cost much,  so it is way cheaper than buying one from etsy. It helps that craft/fabric stores have some sort of coupon going around, too.  In the dog collar making future, I'm going to try and find the materials online since the selection at the fabric store is very limited.

I really like how it came out. I realize I can just make it custom fit to my dog, but I like the look and idea of the adjustable collar, plus I just really wanted to attempt it.  I modeled the construction from Mochi's usual collar but being this is my first attempt, I already made some notes to modify construction for next time.  The nylon webbing makes the collar super durable, but I'd love to try making the collar just out of fabric and interfacing as well.

My dog's birthday is at the end of this month so OBVIOUSLY he needs a matching bow tie.

Fucking handsome as hell.