Floral Fabric-Covered Box

Continuing my goal of using up my fabric stash, I covered a sturdy cardboard box with some fabric scraps that were oddly shaped, yet too big for me to consider throwing away (waste not, want not). This was the same fabric used for my eyeglass pouch, my sewing machine cover, and I also made a skirt with it (it has pockets!).  Now I have a small box that matches my sewing machine that can be used to store all my sewing notions.  And I can wear my skirt when I'm sewing and then take out my glasses to see better and OH MAN SO MATCHY!

The Before:

The After:

A very simple project (yay for glue guns), but it makes things look a little more special.


Iron-on Transfer Experiment (Part 1)

I had this iron-on transfer paper lying around from an old t-shirt project (my college intramural volleyball team if u really want to know) and I wanted to play around with it.  I thought it would be funny if it involved my dog's pretty face.  I mean, obviously! The guy is good-looking!  This pic was taken after he had his annual vaccinations done.  You'd think he'd be sad that he was poked with needles, but he's just happy we left the place.

I used Photoshop to trim out his face, and smooth the edges.  His left eye had an annoying piece of hair covering it, so I fixed that too (clone stamp tool), just to make  his eyes clear and round.

Since my printer only has black ink, I had to make the photo greyscale, and adjust it to a shade dark enough that it can show up on fabric. Make sure to print out the mirror image, otherwise when you iron it on it will show up backwards.

I printed out two sheets (for now).  Hancock Fabrics is out of business, and I hate that there aren't any fabric stores nearby. :-(  Once I get some suitable fabric, I'll be able to use these puppies. ;-)