Iron-on Transfer Experiment (Part 1)

I had this iron-on transfer paper lying around from an old t-shirt project (my college intramural volleyball team if u really want to know) and I wanted to play around with it.  I thought it would be funny if it involved my dog's pretty face.  I mean, obviously! The guy is good-looking!  This pic was taken after he had his annual vaccinations done.  You'd think he'd be sad that he was poked with needles, but he's just happy we left the place.

I used Photoshop to trim out his face, and smooth the edges.  His left eye had an annoying piece of hair covering it, so I fixed that too (clone stamp tool), just to make  his eyes clear and round.

Since my printer only has black ink, I had to make the photo greyscale, and adjust it to a shade dark enough that it can show up on fabric. Make sure to print out the mirror image, otherwise when you iron it on it will show up backwards.

I printed out two sheets (for now).  Hancock Fabrics is out of business, and I hate that there aren't any fabric stores nearby. :-(  Once I get some suitable fabric, I'll be able to use these puppies. ;-)


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