Vasarely Blanket

I wanted to try and tackle a big crochet/knitting project to begin the fall season.  It's been a while since I've made something big, so I thought the beginning of fall season is the perfect time for this challenge.  It takes forever to finish a project for me, so hopefully I can stay on task.  This pattern for a crocheted blanket has been on my Pinterest board for a while, and I really wanted to make it.

Its inspired by the artist Victor Vasarely and the pattern basically looks like 3D cubes, which I think is a total trip.  It's basically a bunch of diamond patches stitched together.  I like it because its not your typical granny square afghan. It is still the same concept though, and the diamond pattern is easy enough that I'm not constantly referring to pattern instructions.  You increase every row for a little bit, and then decrease every row.  I picked white, grey, and black as my color palette, because I've been into the monochromatic look.  My only complaint is when I'm working with the black yarn, its a little difficult to see the stitches.  But I wanted black, so whatevs.

I'm using Red Heart super saver yarn with a size J hook.  The original pattern called for a dk weight yarn with a smaller hook, but I didn't have that hook, so I figured I'd stitch a sample and adjust pattern from there.

I had to sketch the blanket to determine how many diamonds and half diamonds I needed to make.  You can tell I started with a smaller blanket, but increased it once I figured out the measurements.

So basically, I need to make:

Whole Diamonds: 48 in black, 48 in white, 38 in grey  (134 Total)
Half (lengthwise) Diamonds (in grey): 12
Half (widthwise) Diamonds (in grey): 8

If you include the half diamonds, I have to make 48 diamonds of each color. Heh heh, I'm not scurrred.

So far, I've made 2 black, 6 white, 1 grey.  So... 125 more diamonds (135 if you include the half ones) to go. lol.

I will keep you updated, internet!

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