Zipper Pouch w/ Scallop trim

Zipper pouches are always something I need.  My organization system pretty much consists of ziploc bags and post-its, so zipper pouches are kind of like fancy reusable ziploc bags.  Sometimes I purchase makeup sets because of the free makeup pouch (clinique bonus time, anyone??).  I use them to store everything. Every. Single. Thing. Crochet needles! Instruction manuals! Sticker collection! Charger cables! Manicure kit! Etcetera!  Can compartmentalizing things into bags be considered a passion?? As long as its not compartmentalizing your life. Uhhhh.. Sorry, that took a weird turn. 

My point is, I made this zipper pouch with plans on making more and more and more of them in the future, because I just can't get enough.  It is a great way of getting rid of your scrap fabric.  I like the combo of the neutral taupe/purple fabric with the pop of orange color used for the inner lining.  I found the scallop trim at Target at the dollar spot area and it was marked down even more, so I had to get it.  I'm glad I finally got to use it for something.

Next time I am going to try different shapes with the same fabric, so its like having my very own line of fancy ziploc bags.

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