Doggie Bowties

Not exactly an original craft idea, but necessary and cute. The past bowties that I've made for Mochi were finished by hand, but I decided to finish this one off using a hot glue gun (used a sewing machine to finish the individual parts, but used hot glue to attach the elastic loop on the back.)  Omg, this was way easier.  Sometimes I wish he was a girl so I can dress him up, but these bowties will suffice.

He celebrated his 6th birthday last week:

Mochi wore this orange bowtie for good luck throughout the NLCS and the World Series games.  I'm kinda superstitious (I've been wearing orange nail polish since September 29.) so I never took it off him until the very end:

He wore it when the Giants won the whole thing in 2012, too.  So I will keep this for 2016, just in case. ;-)

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