Halloween Mary Poppins Costume

I was Mary Poppins this year for Halloween.  Pretty much because I wanted to use stuff that I already had in my closet.  The crazy ruffle puffy shirt was given to me years ago from my auntie.  It's a pretty ridiculous shirt. I question her style choices.  I knew I would never wear it unless it was part of a Halloween costume.  I think I'm just going to call it The Halloween Shirt.  Captain Hook?  Prince? Seinfeld? The possibilities are endless, I'm sure.

The only things I had to DIY for this costume, was the bowtie (I just used an old gift ribbon and attached it to a pin backing) and a ridiculously small hat that I attached to a headband. I guess that is considered a fascinator.  I used stiff black felt to make the hat, which was constructed out of three pieces: a big oval piece of felt (bottom brim), a smaller oval piece of felt (top), and a long rectangle piece of felt (to form a cylinder), in which the length is equal to the circumference of the smaller oval.  Then I stitched the top part to the cylinder part of the hat , and then hot glued that part to the base of the hat. I had the felt in my craft supply already, so the only thing I bought were the fake flowers/holly.  Mary Poppins' hat has daisies on it, but I just decided to use whatever white flowers that came with the fake holly I bought.  It's holly, right?  For some reason I kept thinking they were cranberries.

Anyways, with a Michael's coupon used on the fake flowers, my Halloween costume cost a total of $0.70.  Good job, me!

BTW, the Giants won the World Series and I didn't work on my vasarely blanket while watching the game like I imagined I'd do.  But they still won.  So awesome.  

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