Iron-on Transfer Experiment (Part 2)

Okay, so I finally used those iron-on transfers I made of my dog.  I had some leftover canvas fabric lying around and I wanted to make a pouch that was larger than the ones I usually make.  Kind of like a big clutch, to place in my tote bag to keep smaller stuff together, and take out if I didn't want to carry the huge tote.  Also, I decided to sew in some nylon lining to give it some weight and make it more sturdy.  The most frustrating part of this project was ironing on the Mochis.  They didn't iron on as nicely as I wanted them to. The transfer paper was from like, 10 years old, so I will blame the quality of these transfers on that.  Regardless, I still liked the outcome even tho it is not perfect because: 1. It has that worn-in look that complements the canvas material and 2. I like anything with my dog on it.

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