Knitted Beanie

It's that time of the year!  Knitting season!  Well kinda, its currently 62 degrees and sunny while I'm typing this up.  But when I knitted up this beanie last weekend, it was super rainy and perfect weather for knitting (and Netflix!).  This was a quick knit, thanks to the extra chunky weight of this yarn.  I'm actually really proud of this one because I didn't use any specific pattern and kind of made it up as I went along.  It's the first time I've ever did that, and I didn't have to unravel and redo anything, which is what I was bracing myself for.  I tried my best to jot down what I did, so that I can make it again in different colors.  Writing up patterns is a project in itself.  I have a better appreciation for people who do that.  It's basically another language, no?  Some people complain about having to pay for patterns rather than getting them for free online.  But a lot of work goes into pattern-making, yo.  Respect the creator.  Anyways, I'm probably going to keep making these since they're super easy and quick to knit.  I love chunky yarn!

Are dpns too old school?  I didn't want to buy circular needles in the size I needed.

Used the knit 2 together on the decrease rows, which will show a visible slant to the right on the decrease stitches.

Upcoming projects in mind inspired by this project: DIY stitch markers, creating my own patterns for knitted/crocheted projects.

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