Vasarely Blanket (ongoing project) update #8

Progress! To get a better overview of my blanket layout and to keep track of my pieces, I easily created a handy little printout of my blanket layout using Photoshop:

This way, I get to map out my blanket without having to unfold the blanket and spreading the thing all out onto the floor or bed.  I took some scrap yarn in a different color and tied a bow onto the top left corner to mark the front* side of the blanket so I can match it up with the printout.  This printout is so helpful.  I'm less likely to make any mistakes e.g. sewing a white diamond on one side when it should've been a black piece, or sewing on a piece upside down.

It is way easier to sew smaller groups of the blanket at a time, too.  So when I stitch together a section of a blanket, I outline that section on the printout.  Then when I stitch that particular section to the rest of the blanket, I shade that area in.

Sometimes the length of the sides do not match (because I didn't block my diamonds), but I found that using this hair clip to hold /match the sides together helps me distribute the stitches evenly without any worries of leaving any slack behind.  These hair clips make things so much easier, and are definitely staying in my crochet bag for future projects.  I wonder if there is even a product actual made for this purpose?  I bet you its way more expensive than these clips.

*There really isn't a front or back side of the blanket, just using this to match the printout/pattern layout.

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