Wire Sculpting Name Plate Thingy

I made this for a dear friend of mine that recently graduated.  I knew I wanted to give her something personalized and luckily, as fate would have it,  A Beautiful Mess posted this on their blog.  Wire Sculpting!  I've done that before!  I had wire in my craft stash from a previous project (yarn wrapped name tags) but I never thought of making it as a name plate thingy (I really have no idea what to call this).  I didn't want to use sculpting clay as the base, so I found these wooden plaques at Michael's that I could drill holes in and paint.*  It's awesome, I promise, but I don't want to post it on here for anonymity purposes. So here's the second one I made for myself.  Different name, but same concept. It helps to write out the words on paper to determine the "path" of the wire to make your loops as clean as you can and to keep spacing in mind.  I made it two levels, and sculpted the wire so that the "A" can be used as a paperclip to hold notes and such.  Dual functionality!


*Always use a coupon.

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