Vasarely Blanket (ongoing project) update #6

Alright now things are happening!  So... I'm totally not done cranking out diamonds,  but I've started constructing this blanket. YES!  I'm pretty sure I started this project last August?  So this project is almost a year old!  So much for being inspired and crafting my brains out.  I've been lazy and unmotivated but I'm trying.  After finishing up the latest batch of diamonds, I kinda laid out most of them on my bed and I must say, it's making me excited about it.

LOOK! Do you see it?? Do you the Vasarely-ness happening right now?  At this point I realized I didn't have any yarn to start joining the diamonds together, so the very next day I made a trip to Michael's and created my very first cube. How exciting!

And then I got more excited and added another cube to that cube:

And then the excitement died down after attempting to weave all those damn ends.  I cursed a little, and stopped.  I'm pretty sure weaving in those ends will be the most annoying part of the procedure.  I regret not doing them earlier.  But at least the blanket is finally coming along. :-D

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