A Food Post But Not a Food Post

I saw this super cute crochet project by Twinkie Chan online and I knew I had to do it.  Plus, the pattern is free!  I always have allergies, so having a tissue box readily available is a must.  Plus, my favorite holiday is Thanksgiving, so this tissue cozy just made absolute sense.  I didn't have the yarn that it called for on hand, so I used what I had and adjusted the stitches in the pattern since I knew the gauge would be different.  I literally stitched a row and lined up the edges to a tissue box to see if I had to add or subtract stitches.  It was that easy.

Now every time I grab a tissue,  I can't help but chuckle.  It's so freaking hilarious.  I consider myself a knitter, but I love the cutesy and kitschy crochet world of amigurumi.  It is amazing what people can come up with.  If you love things shaped like food, check out Twinkie Chan if you haven't already.  She is super creative and definitely inspires me to craft more.

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