Adventures in Pattern Making - Fleece-lined Dog Jacket

One of my goals next year craft-wise is to become more comfortable with my sewing machine.  I even started buying some dress patterns with the goal to successfully make my own dress in 2017.  I haven't started them yet, because it's kinda intimidating. But I did make this jacket for my dog. I've made my dog a jacket before, it's not something new.  I even made one using a purchased pattern.  But I wasn't truly satisfied with the outcome and I knew I wanted to try it again and improve.  I figured making a jacket for my dog would be a small step towards making an entire dress for me (less fabric, less time dedicated to it, less commitment), so here's what I did.

There's this jacket that I bought my dog years ago that is my favorite on him.  I wanted to base this project on that specific style.  It has more coverage on the dog's front  section compared to those jackets that just wrap around the neck and then around the body. Anyways, I've made a pattern before using this jacket, but it didn't have any lining on it and I used snap buttons when I should've used velcro.  So I decided to re-do the pattern to make it fit him better (so I can use it for future jacket-making) and then add to the overall quality of the piece with fleece lining! And velcro closures!  And lengthening the coat for added modesty*!  So technically it's two projects in one (making the pattern and then making the jacket with that pattern.)

I was able to get both fabrics in the remnants section of Joann's. That's the beauty of having a 12-lb dog: you don't need yards of fabric.  I was lucky to find this flannel in this print, I think it looks great on him.  I might even have enough leftover to make a matching cowl for me.  It wouldn't be the first time.

Anyways, look how caaaa-yoooote:

The cute fleece collar is also the material used for the lining inside.  I bought black bias tape and was happy with the contrast.  Next time I'm going to try and make my own bias.  Because custom details, yaaas.

*okay, that was a joke.  but no dog looks flattering in a crop top.

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