Plaid Cowl

Got this awesome plaid wool blend fabric on sale for only $2.38 a yard!  Usually it's like $15+.  I bought a yard of it with enough leftover to make a jacket for my dog.  I love making these cowl neck "scarves" because they are super easy to make (sewing in straight lines!), long enough to block all the cold air out from your neck and are dual layered so they are super warm.  Plus they are easy to pack in a bag compared to regular scarves.  I think the next time I will make some, I will use two different fabrics so it can be reversible.  And maybe add a pom pom trim just because I want a reason to buy pom pom trim.

My only mistake was not washing the fabric prior to making the scarf.  It smells like fabric store.  Aka kinda musty.  Hopefully it will air out and not smell that way.

I've stopped making new years resolutions,  but I do plan to craft more this year.  I am optimistic that this blog will be updated more.  Lets hope.

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