Halloween Unicorn Costume

I've been wanting to be a unicorn (for Halloween) since forever.  Most of the unicorn costume tutorials are of the "sexy unicorn" variety, but there were some cute (and comfy) Pinterest posts that were inspiring enough for me to make my own costume.

Stuff I used:

I wore a grey sweater with white stars, heather grey leggings, and some white trouser socks that I already had in my closet.  I had white gloves to cover my hands and wore my silver and purple running shoes on, but it was hot inside, so I had them off.

I made the horn out of felt, stuffed it and then brushed on a layer of sparkle mod podge.  You could just pin some ribbon to your butt for your tail, but I decided to make a tutu because: 1) butt coverage 2) its the only time I can wear one and get away with it and 3) its sparkly!

The only material I went out to get was the tulle, which was on sale so it was about $6 for 4 yards (2 yards of silver, 1 yard of white, and 1 yard of purple).  The rest of the materials I already had in my craft stash.  I found instructions for making a tutu on Pinterest (its everywhere).  I had to figure out how to construct the horn and how to attach it to my head.  I was thinking of just making one out of a paper cone, but I felt like that would be a safety hazard (I'm short, so the possibility that I might poke an eye or pick a nose is STRONG.) I decided to make one out of felt and stuffing. Super soft and super safe.  I used gold elastic trim I had around (the kind used for gift wrapping) to make the spiral around the horn, and then painted glitter mod podge on the entire thing so it would be sparkly.  Then I added flat-back rhinestones on the base of the horn so it can be sparkly.  And sewed on the scrap leftover tulle around it so it can be sparkly.  And then I cut out ears from felt and spread on some silver glitter puff paint on that so it can be sparkly.  Do you see where I'm going with this?  SO IT CAN BE SPARKLY.  Sadly,  pictures do not give any justice on how sparkly this horn is.  Just imagine it being iridescent and awesome:

I attached the horn on a headband and BAMmM! Mythical headware!

 Last thing I did was attach some ribbon to the back of my tutu and curled it.

                                                                                                        And yes, it was sparkly.

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